Shooting In Wisconsin: Why Film Commissions Want YOU

25 July 2017
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When you think of shooting a movie or commercial, your mind generally does not think of Wisconsin as an automatic choice. Most directors think of more popular locales in the U.S., like Colorado or Nevada, or foreign locales like Montreal, Canada, or China. So, why would you consider proposals from a film commission in Wisconsin? Here are some good reasons why:

Wisconsin Needs the Economic Boost

Wisconsin is not exactly the wealthiest state. Since California has moved ahead as the star producer of dairy products, Wisconsin has also lost its notoriety as "the cheese state." Film commissions here want to give their communities an economic boost that comes with movies and commercials being shot in this state. They are willing to give directors and film companies some major monetary breaks to get you there in exchange for the boost you give them.

It Is REALLY Easy to Shoot in Wisconsin

You would not believe how easy it is to shoot a movie or film scenes in Wisconsin. The general public is initially curious the first couple of days, but then they leave your set alone and just walk right on by as though you are not there. This beats the throngs of people who mob your set in California or other more popular locations.

The Public Is Very Accommodating

You want to borrow a Victorian house for a scene or for the whole movie? The owners are happy to oblige. In fact, they often feel honored that you chose their property for your film. Do you need to redirect traffic for several blocks around your set? Wisconsinites are happy to oblige because they think it is very exciting that their towns will be featured in a movie. If you need movie extras, you will find an endless supply of local talent lined up around several blocks, too.

Putting Wisconsin on the Map for All of Its Positives

Face it; there has been a whole mess of weird and freaky coming out of Wisconsin. There has been some good too, like Houdini and several famous actors and actresses. Film commissions here want more good to come out of their state, but the only way to do that is to highlight all of the positives. You can film in mountain ranges, caves, forests, fields, barns, farms, houses almost as old as the nation itself, and the state gets a chance to put another feather in its cap. It is a win-win for everyone.

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