5 Ways To Be A Bigger Fan To Your Favorite Comedians

10 August 2019
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If you are a lover of comedy, you might consider yourself to be a pretty big fan of a few of your favorite comedians. If you are wondering how you can be an even more supportive fan or if you just can't get enough of your favorite comedians' work, then these are some ideas you can try.

1. Look for Documentaries

When watching your favorite comedians, you might find yourself wondering about what their childhoods were like or how they were discovered. A lot of popular personalities have documentaries, such as from distributors like Cooperstown Properties, LLC, that can answer these questions and more. Plus, many documentaries about comedians are actually pretty funny and entertaining, too.

2. Follow Them On Social Media

If you aren't already following your favorite comedians on social media, now is the time to start. Many comedians are active on the major social media platforms. They may share funny content on a daily basis, or they might provide a little more insight about their lives. Plus, a lot of comedians promote their tours and work on their social media pages, so it's a good way to follow their careers.

3. Join Their Email Lists

Many comedians allow the option to subscribe to their email lists through their websites or social media pages. Again, this is a good way to stay informed about what is going on with their careers. Plus, some comedians offer special content or deals for fans who sign up for their newsletters.

4. Watch or Listen to Their Podcasts

Many comedians have their own podcasts. If you're looking for something to listen to on your commute of if you'd just like to enjoy more content from your favorite comedians, this is an option to look into on your favorite platforms. Even if your favorite comedians don't have their own podcasts, they might appear on other people's podcasts from time to time, so this is something you can look for as well.

5. Go to Their Shows

Even if you have watched your favorite comedians' comedy specials on TV, it is still worth looking into going to one of their live shows. Tickets aren't always expensive, although this depends on the comedian that you are going to see and the venue where the event is being hosted. You may find that you love the atmosphere of a live comedy show, and you might enjoy being able to see a favorite comedian up close and personal, too