5 Ways To Be A Bigger Fan To Your Favorite Comedians

10 August 2019
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If you are a lover of comedy, you might consider yourself to be a pretty big fan of a few of your favorite comedians. If you are wondering how you can be an even more supportive fan or if you just can't get enough of your favorite comedians' work, then these are some ideas you can try. 1. Look for Documentaries When watching your favorite comedians, you might find yourself wondering about what their childhoods were like or how they were discovered. Read More 

How To Add Quietness To Your Christmas Holidays

20 September 2017
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Even though you might agree that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, you'll probably also say that it can be a bit stressful. With Christmas shopping, entertaining guests, and all the other activities that occur during the holidays, sometimes you might feel like you just want to take a break from all the fun and merriment. If that is the case, from taking a nap to going to see upcoming animated movies, here are some ideas that might add some welcome quietness to your Christmas holidays: Read More 

Shooting In Wisconsin: Why Film Commissions Want YOU

25 July 2017
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When you think of shooting a movie or commercial, your mind generally does not think of Wisconsin as an automatic choice. Most directors think of more popular locales in the U.S., like Colorado or Nevada, or foreign locales like Montreal, Canada, or China. So, why would you consider proposals from a film commission in Wisconsin? Here are some good reasons why: Wisconsin Needs the Economic Boost Wisconsin is not exactly the wealthiest state. Read More 

How to Maximize Your Home Theater System

4 May 2017
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When you decide to construct a wall-to-wall home theater system, you have to be ready for anything. That means you should invest well in the components you select, and maximize the system for the best home theater experience. Here is how you can do just that. Auto-Load Multi-Disc Blu-Ray Player Imagine having a complete TV series on Blu-Ray and having to constantly stop at the end of one disc, remove it, and load the next one. Read More