How to Maximize Your Home Theater System

4 May 2017
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When you decide to construct a wall-to-wall home theater system, you have to be ready for anything. That means you should invest well in the components you select, and maximize the system for the best home theater experience. Here is how you can do just that.

Auto-Load Multi-Disc Blu-Ray Player

Imagine having a complete TV series on Blu-Ray and having to constantly stop at the end of one disc, remove it, and load the next one. It gets tedious and mildly frustrating. You can avoid that by making sure you have an auto-load multi-disc Blu-Ray player built into your home theater system. Now you can load several discs of the same show or movie series, and let it run continuously until all the discs in the player have played through. The only time you have to pause or stop is to use the restroom or get something to eat or drink.

Surround Sound Stereo Equipment

There should be speakers mounted to every wall in the room so you can get that full, theater quality experience. Be sure to fully insulate the walls for sound so that the sound waves do not bounce off the walls or shake your whole house! Contractors and technicians that know how to install and insulate a room as a home theater can help with this project.

Sixty-Inch, High-Def, 4K, or QDot TV

It is not a home theater if your TV does not cover most of the wall in front of you. Additionally, you will want the most advanced technology available so that all of those Blu-Ray TV series you bought will show up with crystal clear, perfect imaging and expert sound. Your movies will also be so real you may want to reach up and touch the characters on your screen. Sixty inches is the smallest TV recommended for this kind of home remodeling project, and you have to go high definition and 4K or QD(ot) TV technology. If you can also get 3D technology with that, all the better.

Pay High for the Equipment, Low for Accessories

When you are shopping for everything you will need for your home theater system, do not be afraid to pay good money for high end electronics. The accessories, like Blu-Ray discs and streaming devices, you can buy more cheaply. Stores almost always feature accessories and Blu-Ray TV series cheap, as well as a monumental stack of movies to fill out the shelves surrounding your theater system's TV and walls.